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Did my CPR and First Aid class today YAY!

On this past Tuesday I heard that there will be a CPR/First Aid Training Class held at the community center for day! I was so excited to take the class because I know it will be a boost to my resume!

So, today I took the class and it had to be the longest class ever. Omg, it had to be about four hours. The class was suppose to be from 9am-1pm,but end up being longer because the instructor had to move his car.

It was lot of lecture and videos that kid of made the class slow, but it kind of went a little bit faster when we started doing hands on with the dummy doll Anne and baby Anne. I wish I had a smartphone, but I don’t. Which is so funny because when I did have one. Nothing was going on at all. I mean there were moments. But not like the ones that been coming up lately. Any who Iam proud that the class was offered to the center for free of charge and that everyone including me got certified . I will be getting my certification in the mail in a week or two! I’m so excited so now I can add this experience to my resume.


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